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Evergreen Hits a High Note

Evergreen Hits a High Note

Progress Report: New Evergreen High School

Photo of Raza de Oro club members in front of EHS construction.

February 13, 2024:  These members of the EHS student club Raza de Oro pose with the new school in the background.

The installation of mass timber to form the classroom building in the northeast corner of the Evergreen High School site was completed and topped off with a roof to protect it. The concrete brick walls of the gym building reached their maximum height of 40 feet.

Below is our progress report through the third week of February. Feast your eyes on more photos of the new Evergreen, which sparkles like a diamond at the end of the turf field in evening photos and in the latest aerial pics.


Photo of Evergreen construction with soccer game in front.


Aerial photo of EHS with building zone numbers A1-A3 and B.

Building & Construction Zones A1-A3 and B are superimposed on a February 3, 2024 aerial photo of the Evergreen construction site. 

Progress in Building B: Shaping the Heart of Evergreen

January 2024 was a landmark month for the classroom building (B) at the new Evergreen High School project. (See the Building & Construction Zones key above.) The installation of mass timber floor decking — a testament to our commitment to sustainable and innovative construction methods — was completed. This achievement, coupled with the completion of mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations on the first level, marks significant strides for this project. Crews added wood roof panels and completed the gas line and electrical service.

Mechanical ductwork is being installed through the upper levels of building B, as well as acoustic mat on level 2.

Advancements in Building A: Laying Foundations for Excellence

Photo of EHS gym wall at 40 feet high.

February 13, 2024: In Building A, progress was also impressive, tall and visible, as the concrete brick walls of the gym portion achieved their full 40-foot height.

Site camera photo of construction progress at Evergreen project site.

February 14, 2024 site camera view of Building Zone A3 (left). The large learning stair for sitting is visible (center).

Concrete was poured to form the slab-on-grade floor of A3, which is connected but east of the taller gym building. In early February, the structural steel was erected and metal roof decking added to A3. With interior spot footings and footing drain installations wrapped up in areas A2 and A1, Building A is quickly taking shape.

Schedule & Budget Status

The Evergreen High School replacement project is on schedule and within budget.

We expect the new school to be ready for occupancy in August 2025. Following a move to the new building, the old buildings will be demolished, and new baseball and softball fields will be completed by August 2026.

What’s Next for Evergreen?

The end of February and March will bring the following activities:

Building B

  • Acoustic mat installation on all floors.
  • Concrete topping slab pours.
  • Interior steel framing of walls.
  • Exterior steel framing to start the exterior skin.

Building A

  • Complete the steel structure.
  • Start installation of metal decking for the roof.
  • Complete the steel bridge between Buildings A and B.

Keeping on Track: Permit Updates

Behind the scenes, our team is diligently working to ensure all necessary permits are in place to keep the Evergreen project moving smoothly. A pre-issuance construction authorization (PICA) #4 from King County ensured our project stayed on schedule through mid-February. With specific activities covered under PICA #5, work crews continue on track, while we continue to await approval of our building permit. Approval was received from the City of Burien for the right of way, and progress was made with Seattle Public Utilities for the water line connection.

Inclusive Hiring Report

Highline’s Capital Planning & Construction team has goals to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and to support and invest in our local communities. Our priority hire policy and outreach program include engaging students in workforce training that will increase diversity in the construction industry. 

Vicki Puckett, diversity, equity, inclusion director for Cornerstone GCI, is working with Highline’s Career and Technical Education team to provide opportunities and additional learning for students in CORE PLUS Construction classes at Evergreen High School. She is also collaborating with representatives of Absher Construction, to create opportunities for students who attend Tyee High School. They also included students from Highline High School Construction classes in a recent field trip to NW Carpenters Institute. Look for a story about the field trip in our next issue.

Vicki provided results on the workforce priority hire efforts of Cornerstone and its subcontractors at the Evergreen project as of February 13, 2024:

  • 33 percent of the entire workforce (63/189) reside in zip codes designated as economically distressed in King County.
  • 24 percent are workers who are a minority.
  • 5.3 percent are workers who are females.
  • 8.5 percent of workers are apprentices (all are currently male).
  • 18 percent of workers are journeymen who are a minority and male.
  • 0.53 percent of workers are journeymen who are a minority and female.
  • 1.06 percent of project team members (construction superintendents, project managers, office staff, etc.) are a minority and male.
  • 2.12 percent of project team members are a minority and female.  

“This school bond project, approved by local voters and funded by local taxpayers, is investing dollars back into our communities where they are most needed,” said Ellie Daneshnia, executive director of Highline’s Capital Planning & Construction team.

For more information about Cornerstone GCI’s priority hire opportunities, please contact Vicki Puckett, Cornerstone’s director of diversity, equity, inclusion.


Photo of EHS construction of classroom building.

January 2024: Structural steel and mass timber being installed in the EHS classroom building.

EHS construction of classroom building with mass timber.


EHS construction of classroom building with mass timber.


Photo of the new classroom building at the Evergreen construction site.


EHS construction of classroom building with mass timber.


EHS construction of classroom building with mass timber.


EHS construction of concrete brick gym building.


EHS construction project view from field with students playing guitars.


Aerial photo of EHS construction and existing school.

February 3, 2024 aerial photo of new Evergreen school construction on left (east) and the existing original campus buildings on the top right (southwest).

See more photos and details on the Evergreen construction project.