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Team Read Supports Young Readers & High School Mentors

Team Read Supports Young Readers & High School Mentors
A high school student mentors an elementary student on his reading.

This year, more than 60 students in second through fourth grades graduated from the Team Read program at Hazel Valley and Midway elementary schools.

Team Read pairs students who are reading at least one year below grade level with trained teen coaches. They meet for one-on-one tutoring after school and during the summer. 

Approximately 70% of Team Read readers advance at least two reading levels in a year, often getting to grade-level proficiency.

Team Read launched in Highline in 2016.

This year, teen coaches from Evergreen and Mount Rainier high schools were hired, trained and paid minimum wage to tutor the younger students. 

During their time in Team Read, the high school students develop key career and life skills that support their transition into college and future careers.

“I have learned many important skills working for Team Read, such as leadership, time management, cooperation and teamwork,” says reading coach Abby. “Being a strong leader means having responsibility and integrity and encouraging others to do their best.”

Team Read is hosting a summer program for the third time this year. It will return to Hazel Valley and Midway for the 2019-20 school year, recruiting tutors from nearby high schools.