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Evergreen High School
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Family Newsletter 9/19/2022

Family Newsletter 9/19/2022

Principal’s Letter

Hopefully, you have had a good start to the school year. There's always a bit of transition that happens as it pertains to new enrollees and class changes. There also creates some anxiety for some as they are meeting new students and are getting to know better how to work with each other to build a great classroom and school community. 
One of our new technology policies in regards to cell phones has been successful. Although students are curious to know the reason why and we have had great conversations about it. At the end of it, it comes down to our teachers can’t compete against a cell phone. We will always lose. We also talk about how it was during the pandemic, online and last year in person. It is highly difficult to build a healthy learning environment if we are having to get through the phone. I appreciate those of our families that have helped our students engage with this policy as it takes a village. 
We are starting to look at our attendance data. Parentvue can be a powerful tool to be able to get up to date information about grades and attendance. If you need support signing up, THIS GUIDE to register or activate your account if you haven't done so already. If you have additional questions about how your student is doing, reach out to their advisor!
We have some great events coming up. 
  • 9/20 6-7pm - New Evergreen Construction Forum - Please join us in the library

  • 9/28 5:30-7pm - Open House

  • 9/26-9/30 - Financial Aid Week (Part 1)

 Policy Changes     

Technology Policy
  • There will be a no-tolerance stance with cell phones and wireless headphones in classroom learning environments. 
  • Evergreen students have access (1 to 1) to laptops. It is an expectation that students bring their laptops to school daily. 
  • “Ski Masks” will not be allowed to be used on campus. This posed safety concerns last year during Covid. If students need a mask for COVID precautions, we have masks available around campus. 
  • Masks continue to be recommended by our Health Department. 
  • We will take a “reasonableness” approach to clothing students wear. Similar to going to a work environment, we will have respectful conversations as necessary to help students think through what is reasonable to wear as appropriate clothing to school.  
  • We are positioning advisors as the point of contact for home and school. Student advisors will have a family contact made within the first month, if not the first week of school. This lessens the load for teachers to worry about connecting with over 130 students’ families every month. Instead, they will focus on 20 quality relationships with their advisory students’ families.
  • Advisory will shift to start our day off firmly grounded in a supportive learning environment with their advocate. We are excited to see students in advisories starting at 8:00 am.
ASB Fees
  • The district has informed us that we will restart ASB and athletic fees for this year. More information to come. 
Parking Permit
  • If your student plans to drive to school, please have your child sign up for a parking permit with our Bookkeeper Ms. Prado as soon as possible. Please note that parking permits are a required safety measure at our school to identify who should and should not be on campus during school hours.
As always, we want you to feel able to reach out to our Evergreen family for any questions you may have.


Glen Acres Golf & Country Club is hiring two part-time individuals to assist in the golf operations.
Outside Services Attendant
BASIC FUNCTION: Responsible for maintaining, preparing, operating and staging of golf carts and, performing driving range duties as directed. Also responsible for welcoming guests and coordinating golf cart use in a safe, responsible manner. Position is part-time - 12 to 20 hours per week. Must be 16 years of age.
• Follow Glen Acres Golf and Country Club policies & procedures.
• Staging of golf carts ensures that each cart is clean, safe and mechanically sound, as required.
• Prepares carts for tournament use, shotgun starts, split tee times, and special use.
• Receives returned golf carts and cleans carts for the next golfer. Restocks golf carts by refilling sand & seed containers, scorecard & pencils.
• Notifies manager or mechanic of any necessary repairs for cart.
• Retrieves golf balls from driving range, washes range balls, and restocks ball dispensers.
• Spot clean golf shop restrooms, empty garbage & recycling containers on a daily basis
• Performs other related duties as needed and/ or assigned.
Personal Appearance Standards:
• Clothing must be neat and in good repair.
• Collared shirt is required during work shifts. (2 shirts provided upon hire)
• Names tags must be worn at all times.
• Jewelry should be limited, conservative, safe and appropriate to the work environment. Nose rings, or other facial jewelry are not permitted.
• I-pods or other stereo headphones may not be worn while on duty.
• Facial hair must be conservative, neatly groomed and cannot pose a safety or hygiene risk.
o Hourly Starting Pay - $15.69 per hour.
o Flexible hours. Typically 2-3 weekday afternoons + 1 weekend day shift.
o Uniform Provided
o 50% Off Meals
o Shop discounts
o Transit pass, if needed
To Apply: Submit your resume to:
Dan Harrington, PGA Head Golf Professional -
(206) 244-3786


School Club Information is Coming Soon!!

Meet Our Staff 



Simon Iniguez


Assistant  Principals  

Khaleelah Rahsaan 9/10 Grade Level (currently on medical leave)

Phuong Tran- 11/12 Grade Level

Will Rideout - Mr.Rideout will be subbing for the Assistant Principal while Ms.Rahsaan is on leave.

Administrative Interns

Abbie Kruse

Joe Boyer

 Office Staff

Office Manager - Kristy Jeffers

Registrar - Nancy Hebard

Attendance - Allison Guidos

Bookkeeper - Patty Prado

Counseling Secretary - Sotha Hoffman

Bilingual Family Liaison - Liliana Ornelas


9th Grade - Rachel Kalebu

10th Grade - Rachel Kerr

Subbing for 10th Grade while Kerr is on leave is Nebiyu Yassin

11th Grade Michael Provenzano

12th Grade Brad Mullen

  Counselor Information 

  • This week 9th and 10th grade counselors went into 9th and 10th grade classrooms to introduce who they are, what they do and the different mental health resources on campus. Please reach out if you need to connect with a mental health professional for your student.

  • If students are in need of orca cards, food bags to take home or hygiene products, they can be picked up in the counseling office. 

  • Please join the EHS Staff Wellness Google Classroom if you would like ongoing resources for supporting your wellness. Please contact if you are having issues joining.

  • If you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our counselors,the following link will take you to the counselor’s cadenly links to check dates and times available.