Evergreen High School
830 SW 116th Street Seattle, WA 98146

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Evergreen High School
830 SW 116th Street Seattle, WA 98146

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Welcome to Evergreen High School 2022

Welcome to Evergreen High School 2022

Evergreen High School Mission:

The Evergreen High School community will: 
●     Deepen our roots through culturally responsive practices, active family and community partnerships, and celebration of our diversity.
●     Grow relationships based on trust, empathy, and a sense of belonging.
●     Empower all students to rise up through high expectations and rigorous, standards-based instruction.
Support students to branch out, find their passion, and achieve their highest potential in career, college, and life.

Principal's Letter

Hello and welcome to Evergreen High School,

What a great honor it is for me to start this new role as the new Principal at Evergreen High School. This brings me great joy, enthusiasm, and optimism for the future of Evergreen and the White Center community. I want to thank the various hiring panels and stages in the process for their belief in my leadership. I am humbled to follow the legacy of Evergreen’s previous principals.

Our Highline Promise profoundly resonates with me about knowing every student by name, strength, and need. As a brother to 10 siblings, half are immigrants, and the other half were born in the state of Washington. Our promise positions us to prioritize the quality of relationships instead of the number of relationships. Strong relationships have been a fundamental characteristic of all success stories.

Being a survivor of poverty, assimilation, gang violence, and divorce growing up. I have learned so much not just from my experiences personally but professionally as well. Having a social services background has been essential in my life experience advocating and partnership. Although I am 1 of 11 children, I am also 1 out of 11 who graduated from high school and a university. We have found success navigating academically and socially. The process in which we experienced relationships sometimes was challenging, as all relationships are. Know that my commitment to our children's future is at the heart of what I do daily.

Our school mission embodies our beliefs and mindsets about how we are to engage in the experience of what we do as a school community. Our mission challenges us as a community to uphold every student daily. Grounded in creating an environment where all belong and all strive to find their path in life with tools that will help them along the way.

Finally, this year I will continue to find time to listen and learn from everyone. I started doing listening sessions at the end of last year with students, families, staff, and community-based organizations. I will continue to hold space to listen to understand this year. At a time when we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. I will be looking to find time to bring the conversation of building structures for parent partnerships to Evergreen High School. This letter will also be the first of many. Hopefully, you will come to rely on this newsletter to get all of the critical information.

Here is to a great year!

Simón Iñiguez
Evergreen High School Principal

Upcoming School Events

●     8/29 12-5 pm - Wolverine Back to School day 12-5 pm

●     9/1  - 1st day of School

●     9/9 6-8 pm - EHS Senior Family Dinner *Tentative

●     9/16 11:45am-12:30pm - 3rd Annual "Race to the Finish Line"  (Students)

●       9/15 - DL Fiestas Patrias (Students)

●     9/14 and 9/15 - 9th-grade students will take a field trip to Camp Terry (Day Trip)

●     9/16 5-9 pm - Fiestas Patrias Evening Event (Students)

●     9/26-9/30 - Financial Aid Week (Part 1)

Back to School Wolverine Day 12-5pm

Basic information

-       Please park in the staff parking lot (east of the main office)

-       You will have a chance to

-       Meet with your advisor (or set up a time to meet)

-       Sign up for clubs, athletics.

-       Check-in with the nurse or health point.

-       Sign up for a parking permit.

-       Meet with Principals for a short survey.


Family Connection Meetings

Our new Advisor system that we are starting this year will focus on our advisors being the main connection from home to school. They are there to lead in the creation of a sense of belonging for the student and the family. We are excited at the opportunity to start this year and help better understand our student's goals, needs, and strengths. Our back-to-school Wolverine day can be a great place to begin that conversation and relationship with our students/families' advisor. Look out for an invitation from your student's advisor after August 22nd! Meetings will take place between August 26th and the end of September.


●       To help you think ahead about these meetings, you might consider these questions:

●       What are the student's strengths, needs, and interests? What are their gifts?

●       When they feel successful at school or at home. What does that look like, sound like, and feel like?

How do you want us to partner with you(family)? What would be the best way to communicate, time, and method?

Back to School Facts

●     What time does school start and end? On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, school begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:30 PM. On Fridays, we have early release for staff professional development; school starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM.
●     What meals are served at Evergreen? We serve breakfast and lunch daily.
●     What is the daily schedule? You can find our Bell Schedule HERE on our school website.
●     What classes is my student taking this year? To look up your student's schedule, log in to ParentVUE (directions HERE). Counselors will continue to make adjustments until the first day of school; we'll distribute hard copies of schedules on Day 1.
●     How will my student know where to go when they get to campus? We know that change is hard, whether it's a new school or a new grade level! Our first four days back to school will focus on routines and procedures, to help students feel safe, clear, and well-supported. Advisors will distribute copies of students' schedules on Day 1, and advisors can help print additional copies, if needed. Leaders, counselors, and support staff will be highly visible throughout those early weeks to help students navigate buildings, interpret schedules, and clarify any confusion!
●     What is my student's bus stop and route? Use THIS LINK to look up the bus route that serves your address!
●     What are the school rules? We're developing our Student Handbook, filled with details about our code of conduct, dress code, technology use, and more! 
How can I monitor my student's grades, attendance, and other information? You have access to all the details of your student's schedule and progress on ParentVUE. Use THIS GUIDE to register or activate your account, if you haven't done so already. If you have additional questions about how your student is doing, reach out to their advisor!

New 1st Day of School Tradition 9/1

 We would love to start a new tradition and want to invite parents/guardians to Evergreen in the morning to welcome our students back to school. School begins at 8 am. So if you can be at Evergreen by 7:30, that would be great. We will welcome our students in various locations, in front of the school, quad, bus zone, and student parking lot. 

Meet Our Principals


Good Morning, Wolverine Families,
My name is Ryan Gilmore, and I am the new Athletic Director at Evergreen. I'm very excited to start here and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.
Fall Sports begin on August 22nd.
The first day of football is August 17th.  To be eligible to participate on the first day of practice/tryouts, students must log into Final Forms and complete the required parent and student forms, have a current physical on file (they are suitable for two years), and add the sports you are interested in playing. Physicals can be uploaded directly into Final Forms, or dropped off to the Athletics Office (217).
Here is a list of sports offered for the fall.
-       Football
-       Boys Golf
-       Girls Soccer
-       Boys Golf
-       Boys Tennis
-       Volleyball
-       Boys and Girls Cross Country
-       Girls Swim & Dive.
If you have any questions or need help getting signed up, call me at 206-681-0601. Here is my I am Evergreen.
Go Wolverines!
Thank you,
Ryan Gilmore

Counselors Corner

Policy Changes 

Cell Phones
-       There will be a no-tolerance stance with cell phones and wireless headphones in classroom learning environments.
-       Evergreen students have access (1 to 1) to laptops. It is an expectation that students bring their laptops to school daily.
-       “Ski Masks” will not be allowed to be used on campus. This posed safety concerns last year during Covid. If students need a mask for COVID precautions, we have masks available around campus.
-       Masks continue to be recommended by our Health Department.
-       We will take a “reasonableness” approach to clothing students wear. Similar to going to a work environment, we will have respectful conversations as necessary to help students think through what is reasonable to wear as appropriate clothing to school. 
-       We are positioning advisors as the point of contact for home and school. Student advisors will have a family contact made within the first month, if not the first week of school. This lessens the load for teachers to worry about connecting with over 130 students’ families every month. Instead, they will focus on 20 quality relationships with their advisory students’ families.
-       Advisory will shift to start our day off firmly grounded in a supportive learning environment with their advocate. We are excited to see students in advisories starting at 8:00 am.
ASB Fees
-       The district has informed us that we will restart ASB  and athletic fees for this year. More information to come.
Parking Permit
-       If your student plans to drive to school, please have your child sign up for a parking permit with our Bookkeeper Ms. Prado as soon as possible. Please note that parking permits are a required safety measure at our school to identify who should and should not be on campus during school hours.
As always, we want you to feel able to reach out to our Evergreen family for any questions you may have.